Terminal 21 Shopping Mall Bangkok

The Sanfrancisco themed floor at Terminal 21 Bangkok

Terminal 21 is a relatively new addition to the plethora of shopping malls on offer in the ever expanding city of Bangkok. The Mall is a large air conditioned offering and is themed as an airport terminal with each level in the mall themed as a different city. City themes include Rome, San Francisco, London, Istanbul…….there are more but I can not remember the rest!! This theming does add a layer of interest to what would otherwise be another bland, modern, air conditioned shopping mall. Shopping here consists mostly of national and international mainstream retail brands, which can now be found in plenty of other malls in Bangkok and in most large cities in Thailand, however a significant proportion of each floor is given over to smaller independent retailers selling some interesting and unique stuff which you will not find in the major chain stores, but do not expect too many bargains here as stuff here is quite pricey.

So to summarise. Terminal 21 is a nice looking  modern shopping mall withe easy access from Bangkok’s hotel district via sky train and MRT. If you are happy to shop in chain stores in an air conditioned setting then this may be worth a visit. Loads of eating choices here too! Prices are reasonable at the food court but get more expensive at some of the restaurants but you do get to eat in a pleasant cool air conditioned environment.

The Airport themed Terminal 21 Shopping Mall in Bangkok
The Airport themed Terminal 21 Shopping Mall in Bangkok

Eating at Terminal 21

If you are looking for clean modern restaurants in a cool air conditioned setting then Terminal 21 offers a LOT of choice. The whole top two floors of this shopping mall are given over to restaurants and eating establishments. Restaurants featuring Asian, European and middle eastern food are in abundance here as well as international fast food chains and a large food court offering even more eating possibilities!

Getting to terminal 21

Terminal 21 is situated on the main Sukhumwit road If you are not within walking distance then the best way to arrive will be by sky train or MRT (underground train). The Sky train station of Asoke has a skybridge connecting directly into the shopping mall there is also a metro Station right outside too! Definitely consider one of these two options if your hotel is within walking distance of either a Sky train or a MRT station. The traffic along the main Sukhumwit Road can be atrocious and taking a taxi in this traffic can take an age.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall Map

Further map and store information can be found on the Treminal 21 website


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