Platinum Fashion Mall Bangkok

Platinum Fashion Mall Bangkok

Situated in the Pratunaam area of Bangkok, Platinum shopping mall is the biggest dedicated clothes mall in the whole of Bangkok with over 2000 stalls and outlets under one roof!!!!. Most shops sell wholesale as well as retail and local Thai buyers come from all over Thailand to buy stock for their own shops. There are no big branded chain store shops here and all outlets are small independent retailers selling an eclectic range of clothing styles to suit a variety of tastes. Prices are very good here especially if buying multiple items, most merchandise is aimed at the local Thai market which means sizes tend to be concentrated at the smaller end of the body size market. Feel free to bargain and ask for discounts although many outlets will stick firmly to their asking prices. Many shops will however provide a bigger discount if multiple items are purchased. The mall is split into zones with the vast majority of the retail space given over to women’s clothing however there are also zones dedicated to men’s clothing (4th floor) children’s clothing (5th floor) and accessories (5th floor). There is also a large food court on the 6th floor. Very few outlets offer any changing room facilities for trying clothes on, this is partly due to the size of each outlet which really doesn’t afford the space for a changing room it is possible in some outlets to try on over the top of you clothes but many outlets will have a ‘no try on policy”

Over 2000 clothes and accessory stores
Over 2000 clothes and accessory stores – photo Richard Walker

Eating at Platinum Fashion Mall

On the 6th floor you will find the very busy food court, offering a vast array of reasonable priced Thai dishes. Buy coupons from the coupon counter to pay for the food. Any unused coupons can be returned for cash if they are not used.

Food Court on 6th Floor at Platinum Fashion Mall
Food Court on 6th Floor at Platinum Fashion Mall – Photo Richard Walker

Getting to Platinum Fashion Mall

The nearest sky train station is at Chidlom about 10 -15 minutes walk away. If you are arriving at Chidlom them it is advisable to take the elevated walkway to Central World shopping plaza (link) walk through the central World shopping Plaza (and benefit from the airconditioning) and exit through the Isetan  department stall Platinum is a further 3 minutes walk. If you are not up for a walk consider a tuktuk or taxi although you will probably find that the walk will get you there quicker than a taxi due to the heavily congested traffic in this area.

The Pratunaam stop of the Klong San Saeb canal boat service is just across the road from Platinum shopping mall. If you are staying in the Khao Sarn Rd area then you might want to consider this mode of transport as it will probably be quicker than taxi or tuk tuk.

Platinum Shopping Mall Bangkok Map


Platinum shopping Mall Chiang Mai

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