Grand Palace Scams – Be Aware!

Wat Phra Kaew at the Grand Palace Bangkok

There are scammers around the Grand Place so please be careful and aware if you are visiting without a guide. The scammers are very convincing. The following is a common scam I have personally come across a couple of times during my visits over the years:

I have seen other tourists being duped. by this scam. On approach to the Grand Palace you will be approached by someone who will tell you the Grand Palace is closed today (or closed for a Royal Ceremony and will reopen at 3pm) On the occasion i was stopped the scammer started to suggest alternative activities for the day including a long tail boat trip on the Chao Phraya River and Thonburi canals, the scammer was convincing but i though i would check at the main gate anyway………and low and behold the Grand Place was open as normal! I guess that the scammer on this occasion will take you to a boat operator, you will probably be charged an over the top rate and the scammer will secure some commission. I have heard of similar “closed” stories but the difference being that the scammer heard the tourist to a waiting tuk tuk (which miraculously appears on cue) The tourist is then taken on an overpriced tuk tuk tour of another temple and usually commission paying shopping outlets

There Grand Palace has many gates, some are used for exit only and there is only one main entrance gate on the north side. many tourists not in the know will head to one of these exit gates and will be turned away by security, this is a prime hunting ground  for the scammers as not  being allowed to enter at one of these gates  will be good support for their tail that the Grand Palace is closed today.

Please note that sometimes the Grand Place is closed for Royal Ceremonies, and at other times just parts of the complex are closed to visitors when there are state occasions and public holidays. The following link takes you to the 2015 list of closing dates for the Grand Place. If this link is no longer active check with the following site as they maintain a link on their homepage to the laters version for the current year If someone is telling you the Grand palace is closed then assume they are scamming and check yourself at the main gate on the north side of the complex.

This is a good resource on Bangkok scams covering a few of the more common ones as well as well as detailing some real experiences. worth a read if you are planning on heading around the city by yourselves

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