Train Suspended at Mae Kong Train Market For 6 months

Mae Klong Train Market

The Mae Klong Train market has long been a fascinating and unique sight! the market vendors line up either side of a working rail line and have encroached so close to the track that their their stalls and wares will be damaged and crushed if a train passes, however the market vendors have developed some unique and novel ways of sliding and rolling back their canopies of their stalls and their produce from the oncoming train. Over the last few years this site has become a major attraction and now attracts more and more curious visitors every year. However for the next 6 months The state Railway of Thailand will be suspending all trains on this line for maintenance works (track and sleeper replacement) Trains will be suspended from the 13th of May and the planned date to e services will be on the 8th November 2015.

Visiting the Mae Klong Train Market and watching the extraordinary scene unfold as a train s through this market features on a number of Travel Hub tours. For then next few months Travel hub will be retaining the visit to this market as it really still is a fascinating place to visit (even without the passing train!) biut there will be no train 🙁


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