Songkran Bangkok 2015

Songkran in Bangkok

The main Songkran festivities and celebrations will take place in Bangkok from the 13-15 April

What is Songkran?

Songkran is the celebration of the Thai New year. Traditionally in the past water was thrown over your friends and neighbours as a sign of respect  but now the modern day Songkran has taken on a whole new dimension and the water throwing is now the dominant new year activity and past time for locals and visitors alike. Songkran always falls on the same dates in the month of April and April sees some of the hottest temperatures of the year, the Songkran celebrations are an explosion of celebrations and relief against the build up of this heat, most government offices and businesses close for the Thai new Year with many Bangkok residents returning to their home towns to spend the holiday period with family and friends. It is possible to get wet and caught up in an impromptu water fight anywhere in the city but the main centers of the water throwing fun is undoubtedly at the Silom Road. But you can also find some intense water throwing action at Khao Sarn Road! A couple of more water throwing and entertainment venues worth checking out are at Siam Square and out side the front of Central World Plaza

Songkran on Silom Road

Songkran on Silom Road Bangkok
Songkran on Silom Road Bangkok – Photo James Antrobus

The entire length of the Silom Road will be closed to traffic and market stalls will set up either side of the road selling a myriad assortment of water guns, water buckets and food to hungry water throwers, The walk way slung beneath the sky train track is a great place to get an aerial view of all the acton

Songkran on Khao Sarn

Songkran Khao Sarn Road Bangkok
Songkran Khao Sarn Road Bangkok – Photo shin–k

The whole road is closed to traffic and becomes a crowded and boisterous water fight. The large backpacker community  will be out in force here with their water guns with plenty of local Thais visiting to give the foreigners a soaking….. A great multinational water fight!

Siam Square and Central World

A couple of other hotspots worth checking out1 The trendy teen district of Siam Square will feature a stage and be turned into a wet arena with Thai bands catering to the taste of teen and young Thais. The large area in front of Central World Plaza will also feature a stage with many Thai bands performing as well as a carnival zone and foam party. There is also a plentiful supply of free water at Central World to ensure everyone remains soaked for the duration!!!

The Bangkok Songkran Map – The hot spots for the water throwing action in Bangkok

 Songkran in Chiang Mai

Songkran in Pattaya

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